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HDL Class One

Understanding of human development in the context of local and global change keeping at the forefront the idea of stability in people’s lives. How does this influence child development and determine the environment in different cultures and contexts? Develop understanding through context sensitive developmental theories that affect the human growth and development


1.House Keeping

1.1 Introduction of students

1.2 Expectations of students from the course

1.3 Syllabus, Assignments, classroom interactions, learning opportunities and communication. You do not need to submit reflection paper for Class One.

Understanding of Human Development in the context of local and global change

2.1  Human Development at Individual level the whole journey from birth to being old, various developments, physical, cognitive, emotional, social, relational 

2.2 Human development as linked to sociological, political, cultural, economic contexts historical, contemporary, 

2.3 Human Rights Perspective, Policy linkages local and global, Issue of conceptualization of Development

2.4 Interaction and linkages between individual and sociological, political, cultural and economic contexts and  impact on individual human development some examples:

(a) Early adversity and risk of dropping out of high school in USA 

YouTube Video

Video features Michelle Porche, Senior Scientist, Wellesley Centers for Women

(b) Film: Innocent Voices
Discussion points - Development : How people face war situation
Discussion points - Learning: choices, opportunities, resourcefulness, helplessness, hope


Children & Youth in Crisis: Protecting & Promoting Human Development in Times of Economic Shocks

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