In Memoriam

In Memoriam


Usha Nayar (1947-2021)

It is with great sorrow that we share the passing of our beloved mother, sister-in-law, didi, aunt, dear friend, teacher, mentor and colleague, Professor Dr. Usha S Nayar.

As old as independent India herself, Dr. Nayar's achievements were many and incredible for a woman of her time and place.

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About Usha

Dr. Usha S. Nayar received her Ph.D from University of Allahabad, India in 1973. She was the former Provost of Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai, India and has lived a life steeped in service of others. She carried her sparkling intellect, creativity and compassionate and generous spirit with her across various institutions, countries, inter-governmental organization and international bodies across the word - be it the The New School for Social Research, Washington University, Adelphi University, James Madison University, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, University of Hawaii, IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, Punjab University, Delhi University, Columbia University, MIT, Harvard University, London School of Economics, World Health Organization, International Labor Organization, UNICEF, USAID, Child Watch International, Commonwealth Youth Development Index,  etc. to name a few. Additionally Dr. Nayar served as the Presidential Nominee for universities in India as well as serving on the Universities Grant Commission.

Her specializations grew from social issues related to vulnerable and marginalized groups to building social capital in communities, specifically with regards to the development of girls in India. She fearlessly addressed issues regarding Mental Health and Social Change, Stigma and Discrimination. Dr. Nayar not only shaped the formulation of many policies in India, such as the National Youth Policy, National Policy for Population and Family Welfare, and the National Child Labor Policy, but she also contributed internationally to the theory practice and policy regarding child, youth and adolescence, yoga research and more broadly the field of psychology in a way that will resonate for years to come. In later years Dr Nayar evolved her lens to study and publish new research on yoga from a developmental as well as life span perspective.

Dr. Nayar was a teacher, a guide, a friend and a mentor. She was an incredible source of inspiration to her friends, colleagues, and family members. No matter how busy, her generous and loving personality meant that she was always available to lend a comforting ear with a cup of chai. She was a global thinker, a humanist and a deeply kind and empowering person whose every interaction was only full of light and positivity. 

Most importantly, she was a loving mother to her daughter, Priya S. Nayar. Anyone who knew Dr. Nayar, also knew of Priya and how very proud she was of her daughter. She passed away in Priya's arms at Mount Sinai East Hospital in Manhattan, NY, USA on February 17th, 2021 at 10:27am Eastern Standard Time.

Along with her loving family in New Jersey, Connecticut, Minnesota, Gurgaon, Noida, Jaipur, Bangalore, Allahabad, Bombay, United States, Norway, Canada, Germany, England and so many more places - Priya, Avantika, and their companion dog, Rustom, will greatly miss their beloved "Meri Ma" Mom. She was their center of gravity.


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Dr. Usha S. Nayar's Funeral was held on February 19, 2021 10.00am at 

Frank E. Campbell

Funeral Chapel in New York City

Livestream Below from February 19th *silent viewing