International Social Policy 


1st Hour: Social Policy of Inclusion in early childhood care in USA

2nd Hour: Children, Adolescents and Youth in Developing Countries and Social Policy 

1st Hour Objective:

Lessons learned from head start program 

2nd Hour Objective:

To Develop rationale for focusing on young people, their issues and social policy for sustainable development in developing countries. 


1. John M. Love, E. Eliason Kisker et al. The Effectively of early head start for 3-year old children and their parents: Lessons for policy and programs. Developmental Psychology 2005. Vol. 41. No. 6 pp. 885-9001

2. James C. Knowles and Jere R. Behrman, Assessing the economic returns to investing in youth in developing countries In the changing transitions to Adulthood in Developing Countries. Selected Studies, National research Council of the National Academies, Washington D.C. 2005. pp. 424-490

3. Welfare-to-Work Single Mothers’ Perspectives on Parent Involvement in Head Start: Implications for Parent-Teacher Collaboration [Optional Reading]

Lecture Plan, Additional Readings & Other Materials

Fall 2009 Alumni: 

Guest Speaker Link  Ragnhild Bjornbekk