HDL Assignments

Reflections are due on the Wednesday before our scheduled class. The reflection post should be brief and pertaining to the readings. I want students to use this reflection effectively, analyzing the readings and making sense of it for yourself. What did you learn? Do you have any questions that have been left unanswered? Do you have opposing point of views, if yes, why? Do you agree with the author, if yes, why?

You are required to work on a term paper during the entire semester on a topic related to Human Development and Learning. Email me (usnayar[at]gmail.com) with "HDL <Last Name> Term Paper" in the subject line to discuss paper topics. The paper is research analysis that will be 20 to 25 pages. Think of this as a document that can be publishable or worked on beyond the class. If you are having trouble deciding on a topic, email me with your specific areas of interests and goals from this class. 

Unless otherwise noted, all due dates and times are generally Wednesdays by 11.59pm. Make note of these dates and times and meet your deadlines. 

See below for the Microsoft Word attachment with breakdown of assignments and grades.