Recent Works

Patanjali International Conference March 2019

Kaivalyadhama International Conference December 2018 

Yoga and Psychology for Therapy September 2017

Challenges of including Yoga in schools at NTNU Trondheim May 2017

Yoga in Schools Symposium at Kripalu Berkshires April 2017

Dr. Ambedkar's views on the modern woman at Ambedkar Jayanti Celebrations in New York April 2017

Kaivalyadhama February 2017

Rekindling Compassion at NTNU Trondheim May 2016

Kailvalyadhama April 2016

Patanjali International Conference April 2016 

Ujjain International Conference in conjuction with Kumbh Mela on Yoga April 2016

Kripalu Center International Conference March 2016

International Day of Yoga Committee at the UN Human Rights Day Celebration December 4, 2015

Presentation at NTNU Trondheim Yoga Psychology as an Emerging Field October 2015

Montreal Conference IAMCR July 2015 *To be uploaded

International Conference on Cognitive Behavioral Interventions - AIIMS. March 3, 2015 New Delhi

The Changing Nature of War & Peace. Forum on Building a Culture of Peace: Human Rights & Social Justice. Feb 7, 2015 New York City

Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony Dec 9-11, 2014

"Are We There Yet? Debating The State of the Evidence in Communication For Health" November 19, 2014 @ BBC WorldWide North America. The panel will answer the question #AreWeThereYet?

Roundtable Discussion September 11, 2014 "Strengthening Educational Ties Between India & the United States", The Institute of International Education

Journal of Health Communication: International Perspectives Volume 19 2014 | Supp 1 2014 pages 1-222 Special Issue: Population-Level Behavior Change to Enhance Child Survival and Development in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Review of the Evidence

Glocal University, New Delhi March 2014

Interview with The Hindu, New Delhi September 2013

South Asian Regional Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education New Delhi, India August 2012

Collaborating with Contemporary India: Social Perspectives & New Opportunities Trondheim, Norway June 2012

NTNU Trondheim Research on Happiness with Dr. Ingunn Hagen Trondheim, Norway May 2012

ChildWatch International Key Institution Assembly Cape Town, South Africa May 2012

Marginalized Women and Girls in Rural India and Peru: A journey of Empowered Citizenship with Psychosocial Interventions

March 1, 2012 Commission on the Status of Women CUNY Graduate Center | New York, November 2011

NotreDame University Illinois, November 2011

Resilient Indian | Norway September 2011

The Significance of Life Span Perspective on Mental Health and Well Being: Psychological and Hindu Perspective on Happiness and Self Development Norway Aug 2011

Empowering Children, Understanding Child Participation and Protection: The Importance of Forming International Alliances | Adelphi University April 18, 2011

1st Indian Youth Social Science Congress, Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development | Chennai, India March 18, 2011

12th Conference on Social and Community Psychology | NTNU, Norway November 11-12 2010

Bullying and Being Bullied | Tata Institute of Social Sciences, August 18, 2010

Child Poverty in India | Pennsylvania State University, June 14-15 2010

Nowhere Children: Child Rights & Street Children| New School University & UNICEF Film Series Nov. 19th 2009

Mental Health of Children | ChildWatch International 2009, Addis Abbeba, Ethiopia

Among the Hidden: The Slum Culture of Children & Adolescents| Dept. of Psychology, New School University 

Paradigm Shift in Higher Education: Teaching to Learning | D.I.E.M.R, New Delhi, India, Dec 22-23 2009

Child Rights & Responsibilities in Schools: A Challenge of Paradigm Shift from Powerless to Partnership in Child Development | DAV Panvel Jun 23, 2009

The Tipping Point: Adolescent Health & Development

UNICEF House, New York USA March 24 2009

Childhood, Media, Child Rights and Cultural Contexts in Contemporary Urban India

NTNU, Trondheim, Norway Mar 5 2009

Ongoing academic commitments


Curriculum Development for International Doctoral Degree Programme in Families and Communities, Clemson University, North Carolina, USA.

Convenor for organizing Workshop on Spirituality, Religion and Childhood for the Norwegian Centennial Conference, Oslo, June 22-26, 2005.

Editing of a Book: The Emerging Concerns of Higher Education, Dayanand Institute of Education, Management and Research, Navi Mumbai.

Group Leader for cross- cultural Study: Socio-Cultural Contexts of Child Participation in the Asia Pacific Region (India, Thailand, Australia, China, Srilanka, Nepal, Philippines)

The Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) : "A Review of Research Focusing on the Issues Related to Vulnerable Groups in India: Building Social Capital” New, Delhi.

Academic Planning, Advisory, Leadership and Managerial Assignments: TISS& National

Chairperson, Study India Program, 2005

Chairperson, Ethics Research Committee, TISS 2003-present

Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Psychological Researches, India, 2002 –present

Member Academic Council, TISS, 1977-present

Member, Advisory Committee on Xth Five Year Plan Proposal of TISS (2002)

Chairperson, Board of Research Studies, TISS, 2001-present

Vice- Chairperson, Steering Committee for Preparation of NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Committee) Self Study Report, TISS, 2001

Chairperson, Committee for Appointment of Staff of TISS, 2001-present

Cell-in-Charge, SC/ST Standing Committee (Committee for Socially Deprived Groups), TISS, 2001-2003

Convenor, Academic and Administrative Audit Committee of TISS-2000

Member, International Travel Grants Committee, TISS, 1996-present

Chairperson, Sir Dorabji Tata Memorial Library, Committee. (1987-1993 Member), 1994-present

Convenor, Grievance Committee for the staff, 1990-present

Member, Study Leave Committee, 1990-present

Chairperson, Annual Report of TISS Screening Committee, 1996-2001

Member, Unassigned Grant for Faculty for participation in International Seminars/Conference, 1985-present

Acting Director, several times of the year since I am holding the position of Deputy Director and earlier as Senior Most Professor at the Institute

Member, Advisory Committee for Centre for Health Studies1995-2002

Warden, Women’s Hostel, TISS, 1979-83

Member, Governing Board, TISS, ( as a faculty representative1980-82) As deputy director 2001-present

Member, Board of Research Studies, 1980-83, Chairperson-2001

Member, Faculty Housing Committee, 1980-89 , Chairperson 2001-present

Member, Editorial Board, The Indian Journal of Social Work, 1990

Academic Leadership and Advisory Assignments : International

Member, Editorial Board, Asian Social Work and Policy Review, Korean Academy of Social Welfare, Blackwell Publishing Partners, 2007-present

Member, Advisory Board, International Beliefs and Values Institute, James Madison University, 2006-present

Counsellor, Executive Board of the Fondation Pour L’innovation Politique, Paris, 2005

Elected Vice-President, Childwatch International, Oslo, Norway, 2002-present (there are 32 academic institutions around the world as members of the organization and the Directors of the institutions elect the officers of the Advisory Board considering the academic, organizational, international level competencies of the person) 2002-present

Member, Advisory Board, CESPI, Rio Christian University, It is a sister university of Harvard University, Brazil 2002-present

Appointed expert on Mental Health and Social Change, World Health Organisation (WHO), Geneva, 1998–present

Member, Advisory Board, Childwatch International, Oslo, Norway, 1997–2001

Co-Convenor, Asian Pacific Council for Youth Research, 1991-2000

Temporary Advisor/Consultant. WHO Geneva, MCH (Maternal and Child Health), and Program for substance Abuse, Mental Health and Social Change Cluster, Disability and Rehabilitation Unit. 1980, 1982, 1984, 1985, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998,1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 (short-term) as and when it is possible to render my services

UNICEF, India: (short-term consultant/Advisor as and when it is possible), 1978-present

ILO:Short-term Consultant/Advisor on issues of eradication of child Labour, 1986

Streetwise International U.K., Member, Advisory Committee, 1989-92

AHM, Leprosy Relief Organisation Munich, Germany, Honorary Consultant, and Advisor on Action and Advocacy Programmes and Policies of the organization for networking with the country projects around the world where leprosy is concentrated pertaining to Children and Young persons, 1987-present

International Association of Adolescents' Health, Canberra, Australia, Member, Executive Committee, 1985-87

International Centre for Youth, New Delhi, Advisory Committee Research, Member,1983-88


Vice-Chairman, Indian Association of Social Science, New Delhi 2005-present

Vice-President, Managing Committee, D.A.V. College, New Delhi 2005-present

Member of the Advisory Council, Christian Children’s Fund - 2004

Assessor, National Assessment and Accreditation Council, Banglore, 2003-Present

Chairperson, of and NGO -TASH ( Technology and Social Health) Foundation, 2001-present

TASH Foundation (Technology and Social Health), Founder Member& Director 1992-2000

Member, Board of Study (Psychology), Shivaji University, Kolhapur, 1995-present

Evaluator, Psychology, Union Public Service Commission, New Delhi, 1995-present

Neer Gaurav, Member, Board of Advisors, in areas of child exploitation, abuse and criminalisation, 1991-1998

Member, Visiting Committee Special Assistance Programme/Innovative Programmes for Psychology, University Grants Commission, for all India, 1998

Social Service League (education of the poor), Member, Executive Committee, 1977-83

Family Welfare Agency, Member, Executive Committee, (organization working in the slums of Bombay, focusing on problems of women, families, and substance abuse, ageing, 1979-83

Advisory Committee, Member, Committee on Child Labour, Ministry of Labour, Government of India, 1987-90

Member, Senate, S.N.D.T. Women's University (Chancellor’s Nominee). (Highest Academic Body of the University for Policy Decisions), 1993-2000

Child Abuse, Neglect and Labour" Expert Subcommittee, Indian Academy of Paediatrics, 1993-2000

Member, Executive Committee, Indian Association of Social Science Institutions, India, 1993-1998

Member, National Commission for Co-operation with UNESCO, Social Sciences, 1992- 1997

Member, Board of Social Science Research, S.N.D.T. Women's University, Bombay, India, 1990-1997

Member, Board of Psychology, S.N.D.T. Women's University, Bombay, India, 1986 - 1997

Member, Evaluation Committee Graduate Program (Psychology) S.N.D.T. Women's University, Bombay, India, 1986-1999

Member, Evaluation Committee Graduate Program, Women's Studies, Punjab University, Chandigarh, India, 1985-1998

Member, Selection Committee (Faculty positions) in Psychology, Women's studies for the School of Home Science, S.N.D.T. Women's University, Bombay, and The University of Bombay, 1985-present

Member, Management Council, Xavier’s Institute of Counseling Psychology, Mumbai, 2001-present

Member, Tenth Five Plan UGC Visiting Committee, Delhi University, 2002.

 Major Seminars/Conferences Presentations


Delivered lecture on Disability Inclusion a Challenge in India, Columbia University, New York, U.S.A., 2005

Follow up Meetings Harvard University, M.I.T. and visit New School at New York and JMU, 2005

Deliver lecture in the Institute of Child Health and Discussion on collaboration with faculty and administration of London School of Economics, London, 2005

Childhoods 2005 International Conference, Norway, Oslo, 2005

Key Institutions Meeting of Childwatch International, Norway, Oslo, 2005

Meetings at Harvard Business School, MIT& JFK, Boston, 2005

Advisory Board Meeting of CWI, side meetings with UNICEF, New York, 2005

Psychosocial Support: A Tsunami Disaster Response, Sri Lanka, 2005

Review and Guide AHM Leprosy Relief Organization, Munich on “Rehabilitation of Disability Due To Leprosy by CBR Approach”, Munich, 2004.

Explore the Feasibility of Initiating Collaborative Research in Areas of Mutual Interest and to Address Colleagues and Graduate Students of the University of Colombo, 2004

Review the course content for a Ph.D. Programme and study group meeting on “Gift, Autonomy and Young People – New Perspectives for the Interpretation of Spirituality”, Tallinn, 2004

Executive Committee Meeting of Childwatch International, Oslo, 2004

Professional Meeting on “Childhood and Spirituality: Gift Approach”, Birmingham, 2004

Advisory Board Meeting and Chair the Symposium on Child Research in Southern Africa, Lusaka, Zambia, 2004

Workshop on Childhood, Religion and Spirituality in Changing Societies, Clemson, 2004

Workshop on, “Rethinking and re-conceptualising gender and globalisation II” at Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand, 2003.

Seminar on Indicators of Children’s Well-Being in Eastern and Central Europe, Budapest, Hungary, 2003

International Conference on Community Based Rehabilitation of the Persons with Disability, Helsinki, Finland, 2003 (keynote address).

Research Workshop on Media and Children, Childwatch International Research Network Program, Girona, Spain, 2003.

Conference on Global Perspectives of Youth Conflict: A Workshop on Practice, and Policy Transnational Social Development, Bellagio, Italy, 2003

Research Workshop - Globalisation, Gender and Media, Trondheim, Norway, 2002

Workshop - Sustaining Meena, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2002

Research workshop on Media and Children, Girona, Spain, 2002

Meeting with WHO Disability and Rehabilitation Team Members, Geneva, 2002

Childwatch International Research Network - Proposed Key Institutions Meeting and Symposium on Empowering Families and Communities, Bangkok, Thailand, 2002

Meeting of Advisory Board Childwatch International and Meeting of the Project Media & Children, Rio de Janerio, Brazil,2001

Promotion of CBR in urban slum and low-income population groups, Paper presented - SAMARTH - An Experience of Community Based Rehabilitation from Mumbai, Bologna, Italy, 2001

Workshop - Poverty and Development, Paper presented - Poverty and Identifying the Poor - In the Context of Development, Bologna, Italy, 2001

Meeting - Poverty and Development, Paper presented - Negating Childhood and Adolescence: An Experience With Children On and Off the Streets, Assisi, Italy, 2001

Children and Media Meeting and Working Group, Cape Town, South Africa, 2001

WHO Non-communicable Diseases Research Partners Meeting, Geneva, Switzerland, 2001

AHM Leprosy Relief Organization Munich, Meeting - Discussion Leprosy, Germany, 2001

Consultation Meeting of 'Stakeholders' organised by Disability and Rehabilitation Team, WHO, Geneva, 2000

Consultation with Interested Parties of the Disability and Rehabilitation Team WHO Headquarters, Geneva, 2000

Child and Adolescent Health and Development, Bali, Indonesia, 2000

International Workshop on Exchange Programme of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Professionals - WHO & AIFO, 2000

Global Conference on Children 2000 AD. Calcutta, 2000

5th International Congress of Tropical Paediatrics and the 36th National Conference of the Indian Academy of Paediatrics.1999

Adolescent Health and Substance Abuse, KOBE, Japan 1999

Impact Assessment of CBR, WHO, Geneva, 1999

AHM Leprosy Relief Organization Munich, e.v. Meeting - Elimination of Leprosy as a Public Health Problem, 1999

CBR Workshop, AIFO, Bologna, 1998

Consultation on Street and Working Children. WHO, SEARO, New Delhi, 1998

Meeting of Key Institutions, Dunedin, New Zealand, 1997

Urban Childhood - International Conference. Trondheim, Norway, 1997

WHO Planning Meeting for Street Children Project. Geneva, Switzerland, 1997

Youth Across Asia, Kathmandu, Nepal, 1997

The Digital Challenge - New Information Technology, Media and Communication. NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Trondheim, Norway, 1997

WHO Consultation on Community-based Rehabilitation in Slum Communities, Manila, Philippines, 1995

Meeting with Key Institutions within Child Research, Childwatch International and Norwegian Centre for Child Research, Norway, 1994

Street Children and Substance Abuse, WHO, Geneva, 1994

The Role of Family in Elimination of Leprosy, ESCAP, Bangkok, 1994

IV International Congress on Leprosy, Orlando, U.S.A., 1993

Child Health: World Congress, Vancouver, B.C. Canada, 1992

Street Children : A Challenge to the Social Work Profession. South Asian Workshop. Bombay 1992

Substance Abuse and Street Children, Geneva, WHO, 1991

Orientation Program for AHM Asia and Pacific Regional Centre Staff, AHM Leprosy Relief Organization Munich, 1991

Consultation meeting on Monitoring and Evaluation of AHM activities, AHM Leprosy Relief Organization Munich, 1991

Workshop with the Head Masters and Officials of High Schools in evolving health education and counselling program for school kids, AHM Leprosy Relief Organization Munich, 1991

Advisory Committee meeting of AH International activities on Health Education and Leprosy Control, AHM Leprosy Relief Organization Munich , 1991

Children in Crisis: Networking with Development Agencies, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1991. (Special Invitee) Y Care International, London, 1991.

1st International Symposium: Youth Culture: Reconstructing Society - Youth as major Participants, Seoul, Korea, 1990. Chaired one of the Sessions Meeting with Youth Service, Hong Kong, 1990

International Workshop on Childhood Ethnology, Cambridge, U.K. 1989. Chaired one of the sessions

Mobilisation of Youth for Leprosy Relief, Nairobi, Kenya, Africa, 1988

Youth and Mental Health, Ottawa, Canada, 1987

International Conference on Ethnography of Childhood, Camrose, Canada, 1986

Youth, Health and Social Change, Sydney, Australia, 1985. Keynote Addressee

International Symposium on Youth and Refugeehood, Melbourne, Australia, 1985,Keynote presentation

World Congress on Health and Tropical Diseases, Calgary, Canada, 1984

International Conference on Child Abuse, Bern, Germany, 1983

Education, Development And Social Change, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 1983

Shelter for Children and Youth, New York, U.S.A., 1982

International Conference on Slums and Squatter Settlements in Developing Nations, Montreal, Canada, 1981

International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect, Paris, 1980. (Plenary session invitee presentation)

Youth and Participation in Development, Manila, Philippines, 1978

International Conference on Exceptional Children, Chicago, U.S.A., 1976

Invited to give a seminar to Graduate Students in the Department of Psychology. University of Evanston, Illinois, U.S.A., 1976

Visited and interacted with faculty in various Universities in the U.S.A., viz., Purdue University, University of Houston, Texas University of Ohio, University of California, Los-Angeles, Berkley as a member of International Council of Psychologists, 1976-77


Accreditation Standard for Quality School Governance,, Mumbai. Western Region, India, January 19, 2008

Workshop on Police-Civil Society Interface for Promotion of Human Rights, Paper presented – The Role of Community Police in Fast Changing Social – Political Scenario in India, March 22, 2006

National Workshop on Youth and Globalisation, Youth And Globalisation: Perspective - Welcome and Keynote Address delivered at The RGNIYD-TISS Collaborative, Workshop 22-23 September 2005

Course in Holistic Counselling – Counselling is an Art as well as Science, 2005

Kumarappa – Reckless Lecture – “Criminal Justice Reforms in India”, 2005

Celebration of Internatinal Women’s Day- 2005 – “Women and Development in India in the Context of Globalization”, 2005

Training Programme on Therapeutic Life Skills for Paramedical Staff, Department of Extra Mural Studies, TISS, 2005

Curriculum Development Workshop on Fieldwork, 2004

NSS Programme Officers, Session on Harmony and Peace: A Value for Civil Society, Mumbai 2004 .

National Workshop to Review the Implementation of Law and Policies Related to Trafficking: Towards an Effective Rescue and Post Rescue Strategy, 2004

National Seminar on Standards for Assessment of Quality in Social Work Education, 2003

National Conference on Education for Social Transformation, by Dayanand Institute of Education Management and Research, 2003

Workshop on “Preparation of Social Justice Indices for the Assessment of Government Departments’ Performance in the State of Maharashtra” 2003

Refresher Course-“New Challenges in Information Management: Issues and Opportunities for Librarian”, 2003.

Emerging Concerns in Higher Education, Sponsored by Dayanand Institute of Education Management and Research, 2003 (key speaker).

Seminar on Development and Disability, Seminar Director, Sponsored by Indian Council of Social Science Research, Kalina Campus, 2002

Dayanand Institute of Management Research, Quality in Higher Education, Guest of Honour, 2002

School Counsellors Programme, Balancing Personal and Professional Relationship in Counselling, Valedictory address, Mumbai 2002

Seminar on Communalism: Management Issues and Role of NGOs, Presidential Address, Mumbai 2002

NSS Programme Officers, Session on Youth at the Threshold of Making a New Millennium Society, Mumbai 2002 .

Seminar on Contemporary Social Work: A Global Perspective, Presided one session, 2002

Twelve week Course in Holistic Counseling, Session on Emerging Challenges in Working with Adolescent & Youth: Relationship Model, 2002

Seminar on 'Coping with Terrorism, Paper presented - Coping With Terrorism: A Psychological Perspective, 2002

National Workshop on Responsive Volunteerism TASH Foundation Experience, Valedictory Address - New Initiatives in Volunteerism: Going Beyond Structures, 2002

UGC Refresher Course, Towards Inclusion: Interdisciplinary Partnership, SNDT Women's University, Mumbai, Paper presented - Role of Social Scientists In Changing Scenario: Building Social Capital, 2002

Training Programme for Volunteers, Session on Youth: Life Span Perspectives, Issues and Current Programmes and Services, Mumbai, 2001

Workshop on Managing NGOs in the Developing World, Valedictory Address, 2001

Seminar - Perspectives on Integrated Education, Invited Guest Speaker - Integrated Education, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, 2001

Orientation Programme NSS Programme Officers, Session on Understanding Adolescence: A Social Science Perspective, Mumbai, 2001

Workshop on "Tapping Adolescent Potentials: Building Life Skills", Inaugural and Key Note Address, 2001

Workshop on "Primary Health Care in India: Status, Challenges and Prospects", Chairperson for Technical Session and also Concluding Session, 2001

Clairvoyance 2001 – Health care frontier: Emerging Issues and Challenges, Presidential Address - Globalisation and Health, 2001

Clairvoyance 2001 - Healthcare frontier: Emerging Issues and Challenges, Presidential Address - Humanising Services in Hospitals: A Challenge in Changing Economic Scenario

Meeting of Partners and Stakeholders of A.P. Child Labour Elimination - Pilot Project, ILO, Hyderabad, 2001

XXIV Indian Social Science Congress, Punjab University, Chandigarh, 2001

P2P: A Window to Peer Counseling (Peer to Peer: A Window to Peer Counseling).Mumbai,2000

Meeting - Sharing of experiences of Deemed Universities in the State of Maharashtra in the field of quality control and innovations in Higher Education, MHRD, 2000

Rights of Children organised by CASP PLAN, India and International, Mumbai, 2000

Social Development Research and Programming. Mumbai, 1999

Social Attitudes Towards Child Adoption. Mumbai, 1999

Workshop on Assessing and Improving Quality of Care on Reproductive Health Programme. IIPS, Mumbai, 1999

Refresher Course on Social Course on Social Welfare for I AS Officers. Mumbai, 1999

Seminar on Social Dimension of Urban Poverty in India. New Delhi, 1999

Expert Group Meeting for Training Kit: Women Health - Master Training Programme. New Delhi, 1999

Centre For Health Studies (CHS) Advisory Committee Meeting, 1999

Peer Interaction in Child Development. Mumbai 1998

Prevention of Crime: The Role of Police. Mumbai 1988

Enlightening Politics. New Delhi, 1998

Workshop on Formulation of National Project on Adolescent Health, 1997

Girl's Rights: Society's Responsibility Taking Action Against Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking. Mumbai, 1997

Rural Based Vocational Courses - UGC in Collaboration with Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, 1997

Workshop on Adolescent Health, New Delhi, 1997

Draft National Youth Policy, 1997

Conference of the South Asian Association of Psychologists (SAAP), 1996

Strategies to Improve the Status of Girls, National Seminar entitled "Update on Status of Adolescent Girls :Initiatives and Progress in India", S.V.T.College of Home Science and National Commission of Women, Mumbai, 1994

Development of Working Children. National Seminar on Challenges of Upbringing Development of Children, ICCW, New Delhi. 1994

Child Labour: Problems and Possible Solutions in India, Invited Address, Members of Parliament, at Parliament House Annexe Government of India, 1993

The Impact of Violence on Children, G.S. Medical College, Bombay, 1993 (Main Speaker)

Involving Youth in Health Education and Health Promotion on Substance Abuse, 1993 (Director)

Current Trends in Psychology, Bombay, 1992. (Resource Person)

Women and Development, Punjab University, Chandigarh, 1991

Destitute Children in Welfare Homes (Valedictory Address) Chandigarh, Punjab, 1991

Integrated Development of Adolescent Girls, PRIDE, Bombay, 1990. (Chaired one of the Sessions) Preventive Aspects of Rehabilitation, Community Based Approach, Wardha, 1990

The Girls Child: Cultural and Emotional Problems, Children's Aid Society, Bombay 1989 (Chaired the session) Juvenile Justice Act and the Role of the Police, Pune, 1987

Street and Destitute Children, Bangalore, 1986

Profile of Youth, International Institute of Population Sciences, Mumbai, 1985

Youth Interface Society, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, 1985

Child Labour and Fertility, Indian Institute of Social Change, Bangalore, 1984

Applied Psychology, Ahmedabad, 1983

Positive Discrimination: Methodological issues in Research, Shanti Niketan, Kolkatta 1982

Child Labour and Anthropological Measurements, National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, 1981

Working Children and Education, National Institute of Education, New Delhi, 1980

Child Development: Psycho Social Research and Policy, National Institute of Child Development and Public Cooperation., New Delhi, 1978

Researchers in Applied Social Psychology, University of Allahabad, 1977

Stress and Management, AND College, Kanpur, 1975

Women and Leadership, Kanpur University, Kanpur, 1974

Indian Science Congress, New Delhi, 1973

Research Methodology in Social Science Research, Patna University, Patna, 1970

Indian Science Congress, Chandigarh, 1969

Developmental Norms for Preschoolers, National Council of Educational research and Training, New Delhi, 1964