Assignments and Syllabus

I have tried to distribute the readings for the appropriate classes, but if for some reason they are missing - check the bottom of the following page for appropriate readings:

(I am terribly sorry but the pdf scanner made it impossible for me to break the pdf's and if any student wants to take on the challenge of separating the pdf files and then naming the files according to the syllabus - I will be quite impressed!) 

In any case if you scroll all the way down below the alumni pictures on the above link, you can access the attachments and decode their file names!

Let me know via email if you have any trouble at all opening up any attachments and/or accessing the reading material. usnayar[at]

Now with reference to assignments - it is important you read the different word documents below pertaining to assignments, syllabus and most importantly the calendar. I use the calendar to mark due dates and so should you.

Adelphi University's Academic Calendar Link

On a social networking side note, I have created a Facebook Group (in 2014) for students to join. It is called Adelphi University Childhood Development: It is a platform for those of you who want to remain in touch with each other and future Childhood Development students! The network is only as strong as each member so if members join it will grow! It is set up so any member can approve other members to join.