International Social Policy 

Week 13



To understand the way forward in inter-dependence of local and global level policies. 


1. James Midgley and M. Livermore, The future of social policy In the Handbook of Social Policy. James Midgley and M. Livermore (Eds) Sage, 2009. pp. 557-570

2. Restructuring Third World Social Policy In S. MacPherson & J. Midgley, Comparative Social Policy and The Third World Wheathsheaf Books: Sussex 1987 pp. 145-177

3. Milbourne, Linda Remodeling the Third Sector: Advancing Collaboration or Competition in Community Based Initiatives. Journal of Social Policy 2009, Vol. 38, 2 pp. 277-297


Fall 2012: 

New School GPIA 10th Anniversary Celebration

Fall 2009 Alumni: 

Phone Conference with Dr. Bob Deacon 


Email from Bob: 

Dear Usha,

Attached are some readings which i would like the students to read befor ethe

phone confertence on December 11th.

The first reading is chapter 1 of my book Global Social Policy and Governance, which is an overview of what i mean by global social policy. The second reading is the concluding chapter of the same book. The third reading is my paper on social policy and the global economic crisis delivered at an UNRISD conference recently. The last one is the last chapter from my recent edited text: World Regional Social Policy and Global Goverance which focusses on the role of regional organsations such as ASEAN, SAARC etc. In terms of the session I would appreciate it is the students could initially frame some questions which relate to one or other of these texts...

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