Class 6

Role of parents, father, families, community, peers, media and state in development of children


Corsaro, The Sociology of Childhood pp 229-282

Nayar & Bhide, Contextualizing Media Competencies among Young people in Indian Culture

Nayar, Mental Health for Media Generation Chapter (added for Fall 2012)

Gerald Children and Society Chapter 5 pp 124-154 Chapter 7 pp 183-201 Chapter 8 pp 205-236

Gupta, Akhil Governing population: The Integrated Child Development services program in India

The effectiveness of early head start 2005

McDormott, Developing Caring Relationships among Parents, Children, Schools and Communities pp 1-16 (recommended)

Sehles, Grandparents Caring for their Grandchild: Emerging Roles and Exchanges in Global Perspectives (recommended)

Miller, Is there a Harmless Pedagogy? For Your Own Good: The Roots of Violence in Child-rearing (recommended)

Documentary: Zana Briski’s Born Into Brothels

Guest Speaker Gopal Mitra, Program Officer, UNICEF-HQ

Gopal will join our class as a guest speaker this semester. You can read a little about his contributions by searching for him on Google. I have attached an excerpt of an interview below which you might be interested in reading. The Jeffrey Trawick-Smith "Classroom Adaptations: Primary Grade Children With Cognitive Disabilities" is optional reading for Sunday December 7th, 2014. 

Additional Links: 

UNICEF Disabilities Report Link 

Parental Leave (interesting wikipedia link for the information in provides in one place!) 

Suggested Reading (pdf attached below): Relationship Between Offline & Online Risks by Sonia Livingstone