Agenda and Discussion Week 2


Be knowledgeable to the ways in which international developments influence the social policy and emergence of policy analysis.


1. Social policy for development: Local National and Global Dimensions In Social policy for development. Anthony Hall and James Midgley. Sage. 2004 pp.1-43 

2. Sheila B. Kamerman and Alfred J. Kahn, International aspects of social policy in The Handbook of Social Policy. James Midgley & M Livermore (Eds) Sage, 2009 pp 543-556

3. Nick Manning - Making Social Policy in a Global Context (reading attached below from Social Policy 4th Ed.) 

Jan Scholte, Global Civil Society: Changing the World CSGR Working Paper May 1999 

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Recommended Reading / Not Required: 

Jan Aart Scholte & Jill Timms. Global organizations in civil society the effects on poverty In Global Civil Society 2009. A Kumar, J A Scholte, M Kaldor, M Glasius, H Seckinelgin, H Anheier (Eds) 2009 pp 80-95 (Unavailable Online)