HDL Class Seven

Disability, empowerment, learning, policy of standards, challenges of gifted and talented children and class room adaptations. What is the concept of disability? What are the personal accounts of people with disabilities, how disability is socially constructed? What is disability hierarchy? What are the cross-cultural, cross-national experiences of disabilities? Challenges for education for students with disabilities, gifted and talented?

Building a Better Tomorrow: The Voices of Young People with Disabilities (Required Reading: Last Two Chapters)

TED Talk - Please watch! 

Guest Speaker Gopal Mitra, Program Officer, UNICEF-HQ

Gopal will join our class as a guest speaker this semester. You can read a little about his contributions by searching for him on Google. I have attached an excerpt of an interview below which you might be interested in reading.

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UNICEF Disabilities Report Link


(Photo Spring 2012 Class at Adelphi)