International Social Policy

Class 1 Introduction and Overview of the Course

Class 2 Conception of Social Policy - International Context, The role of UN Bodies and Other Global Organizations

Class 3 The Political Economy of Social Policy 

Class 4 Gender Politics and Social Policy 

Class 5 Class & Caste Comparison and Social Policy Inclusion

Class 6 Nature of State, Social Welfare and Social Policy

Class 7 State, Social Investment and Social Development 

Class 8 Global Civil Society and Social Policy

Class 9 Social Policy and International Social Services - Comparative Analysis 

Class 10 Social Policy of Inclusion in Early Childhood Care in USA 

Children, Adolescents and Youth in Developing Countries and Social Policy 

Class 11 Models for Policy Analysis

Policy Analysis in Practice 

Class 12 Case Study: The impact of Research on Social Policy

Class 13 The Future of International Social Policy