Agenda and Discussion Week 3



Be grounded in the political and intellectual controversies and conceptualizations of social policy. 


1. Lori Parham, Jill Quadagno, and Jordon Brown. Race, Politics and social policy in The Handbook of Social Policy, Sage, pp 263-278

2. Robert Heineman et al, The emergence of a field in the World of the Policy Analyst: Rationality, Values, and Politics. Chatham, NJ: Chatham House Publishers, 1990 pp 9-34

3. Michael Mandelbaum, The Inadequacy of American Power, Foreign Affairs Volume 81 No. 5 pp 61-73 (Handout)

4. Craig N. Murphy and Douglas R. Nelson, International Political Economy: A Tale of Two Heterodoxies, British Journal of Politics and International Relations Vol.3 No.3 October 2001 pp. 393-412 (Optional Reading)

5. Paul Kantor, The Dependent City Revisited: The Political Economy of Urban Development and Social Policy, The Governmentalization of Inequality (Optional Reading) 

Other Resources (Not required) 

2011 Conference on Poor Economics: A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty, Columbia University