International Social Policy 

Week 11

1st Hour: Models for Policy Analysis

2nd Hour: Policy Analysis in Practice 

 1st Hour Objective:

To appreciate the usefulness of various kinds of modeling in policy analysis. 

2nd Hour Objective:

To understand the strengths and limits of evidence in framing policy positions. 


1. Rebecca Maynard, Evidence based decision making: What will it take for the decision makers to care? Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 2006, 25-2, pp. 249-262

2. Edward Quade, Qualitative methods and mental models in Analysis for Public Decisions. New York. North Holland, 1982 pp. 185-205

3. Alec Fisher, The logic of Real Arguments, Cambridge University Press [Optional Reading] 

Agenda, Reading Materials & Other Attachments

 Additional Reference:

Making Policy, Shaping Lives Edited by Raia Prokhovnik, Edinburgh University Press 2005 [Recommended Reading Ch. 1]