Nowhere Children

Child Rights & Street Children

 New School University & UNICEF Film Series 

 GPIA & UNICEF presents

"The Children of Leningradsky"

6:30 - 8:30PM

Wollman Hall

65 West 11th Street, Fifth Floor

Despite efforts by the Russian Federation to reduce the numbers of

homeless children, many young children (ages 8-16) are still forced to

leave home.  Estimates for the number of children living on the streets

of Russia vary from 20,000 to 100,000.  An estimated 30,000 live in the

Leningradsky train station in Moscow.

Children of Leningradsky delves into the underground world of the

children who are driven to homelessness by abandonment, abuse or other

intolerable conditions.  Their situation grows even more gruesome as

they become victims of prostitution, police abuse, addiction and death.

Utilizing verité footage of over a dozen children, the film captures the

sobering reality of post-Soviet Russia. The children speak candidly

about their lives, routines and lost dreams.  (35 minutes).

Introductory Speaker and Moderator

Usha Nayar, GPIA faculty


Alexandre Zouev, Deputy Director of Governance, UN and Multilateral Affairs at UNICEF

 For those who are aware in general terms of the experiences  of children in the region,

Alexandre Zouev has provided much needed evidence on just what life experiences children are undergoing... 

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